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Cheap Web Hosting Services

With the growing number of individuals wanting to establish their own web sites has appeared an expanding necessity for cheaper web hosting services. Since there are plenty of hosting providers offering website hosting solutions, the competition is enormous and has paved the way for the introduction of low-priced, but reliable web hosting services on the market.

Hosting Alternatives

Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
5 websites hosted
30-Day Free Trial
4.58 / month
Unlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidth
Unlimited websites hosted
30-Day Free Trial
8.46 / month

There are different types of hosting services: Dedicated Web Hosting, virtual private web hosting servers (VPSs), shared web hosting and cost-free hosting packages. Out of all these web hosting solutions, the shared web hosting solution has attracted the highest number of clients, since it is both moderately priced and reliable, without any advertisements and commonly with a lot of features. Each web hosting account on a shared web hosting server has to observe given system resource usage limits. This permits a lot of web hosting account holders to be accommodated on one and the same web server without intervening with each other, thus reducing the price of the web hosting service.

Web Hosting Plans That Correspond To Your Budget

A lot of hosting vendors, including Zazti, have already begun providing unlimited web traffic and web space quotas. Different web hosting plans offer a different amount of allowed hosted domain names, so depending on how many websites you would like to host under a single web hosting account, you can select between a number of cheap hosting packages. Zazti's' plans are moderately priced, matching the expression "budget web hosting" perfectly, and you can pick between monthly and annual billing options on the basis of your budget.

Additional Bonuses

Apart from providing flexible budget hosting plans, Zazti also offers a cost-free domain with each shared hosting package. While exploring our intuitive Control Panel, you'll be pleasantly astonished not only by the numerous features in the File Manager tool, but also by the very intuitive web application installation tool and the web site building tool (Site Studio) coming with loads of templates. These 2 state-of-the-art tools will allow you to quickly create a website from the ground up without needing to possess any technical experience.

Initial Easy Procedures

Whether you want to establish a personal website or a business web site, the Site Studio site builder includes skins for both types of websites. All you need to do is select the type of web site and then pick a web site template from the many available. If you would like to build an online gallery, a photo album or a shopping site, the PHP script installer will offer you lots of PHP-driven web apps you can use. All of them can be installed with simply a couple of mouse clicks without needing to refer to any installation manuals. All this spares you the resources you would have had to invest in web design services – if you aren't capable of building sites yourself.

Got Email If You Want It

All web hosting packages already offer email services as well. Like other companies in the hosting arena, Zazti also offers electronic mail services. With our web hosting Control Panel, however, which has a built-in webmail system, managing your email mailbox accounts will be much easier. You can use it to access your electronic mail account from anywhere, without needing a mail client – if you don't have such. You can also manage your electronic mail account using any mail client, including Outlook and Thunderbird, or even via your iPhone or iPad. Whenever you are uncertain about how to proceed or what to do, there is an elaborate FAQ section with understandable step-by-step instructions.